Praise and Worship Ministry

As God’s earthen vessels, we desire to lead His people to a deeper understanding of Him through worship and to prepare their minds, hearts and spirits to receive God’s word. For in 1 Chronicles 25, it is written that God called a very specific group, the Levites, to perform the task of leading worship in the temple. This shows us that God saw fit to have worship leaders and used them not only in the temple, but also to lead His people in Spiritual Warfare and battle. As such, we propose to do the following: 

  1. Effectively lead and encourage others to consistently worship God, not only during Sunday Worship Services, but during their daily walk with God.
  2. Use songs that encourage, inspire and help set the atmosphere for the receiving of God’s Word, through His chosen messenger.
  3. Minister in such a way that strongholds are broken and souls are set free and reclaimed for God.

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